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Are Pomskys good with children?

Yes! Pomskys are not skittish around children they are one of the most friendly dogs around kids, and are usually extremely patient with them. Due to a Pomskys small nature, they are not as easily harmed by an inquisitive toddler. A Pomsky's playful personality also helps them to be pretty tolerant as well. We have found the Pomsky to be a perfect family pet for our home.


How are your dogs different from other breeders ?

I am told over and over again that my dogs are of higher quality than the other dogs that folks have seen. I greatly appreciate the kindness and compliments of others, but it has not been an easy task. After over a decade of establishing our line and type of dogs, the rewards are obvious.
Another of the most important qualities that i select for is the health of the dog. While Pomskys are not known to have health issues, I have chosen to go against the grain of history and breed exclusively healthy Pomskys. The duration of my experience has paid off, and I am proud to practically not even have a slight issue in any of my or my customer’s dogs. I believe that a dog should be a blessing to your home, and not a curse. Having a dog that is overly hyper, out of control, and/or riddled with no health issues that cost thousands of dollars at the vet and countless trips to and from is not a blessing! I wouldn’t want that for myself and won’t pass it off onto my customers. 


Can you tell me more about your customer service ?

In my profession things MUST be done right. There may not be a second chance to do things and lifes could be lost.
Thus there are always two things that are on my mind:
1) Quality
2) Customer Satisfaction
As a result I can confidently say over the years that Pomskys Nation continues to get better and better. Nothing thrills me more than to see this happening before my very eyes. I enjoy the great feeling of placing a puppy with a new family who’s full of excitement and to hearing the happy stories of families over the years getting back to me with the joys of owning a Pomsky. Stories that literally come from all over the world and we continue to be your friend and provide full support for a life time.
It’s what I do and I love every minute of it!


Do Pomskys shed?

You will want to brush your dog’s coat every day to remove loose fur, keep your dog comfortable, and help control shedding. After all, if most of the loose fur is contained to a brush, there is less of it to get all over your home. Bathing them once a month is recommended. Getting them professionally groomed a few times a year will also help, especially as the seasons change where they will shed more than usual.


Do Pomskys Need Vitamins?

Pomskys, like any living thing, will benefit from having vitamin and mineral supplements, especially since with dogs you typically don't change their food frequently. When any living thing intakes the same food on a consistent basis, deficiencies will develop, so a good multi-vitamin helps fill in the gaps in your Pomskys diet and health, just like a vitamin helps you and your children to get all you need. We recommend Nuvet Labs multivitamin. 


Are they other health issues i should take into consideration?

Proper dental for dogsis also important in order to prevent painful dental diseases like gum disease and tooth decay. Using an enzyme toothpaste or brushing your dog’s teeth every day is ideal for preventing the tartar and plaque buildup that leads to dental disease. This is especially important for small dog breeds, like the Pomsky, as their small mouths tend to be more prone to dental-related issues. You can also talk to your vet about supplementing your efforts with dental hygiene chews or even a specially-formulated “dental care diet”..


How many years can a Pomsky live?

A Pomsky generally lives 12-15 years..


whats the approximate weight and size of a Pomsky?

A fully-grown Pomsky usually stands 10-15 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs between 17-30 pounds. Because this designer breed is still developing, there can be some variation in size, especially in first generation or first generation cross puppies, so there is a chance your Pomsky could fall somewhere out of this range. Even at the larger and heavier end of the spectrum, a Pomksy should not be over 40 pounds when fully-grown..


Are Pomskys good watchdogs?

Pomsky are impressive looking dogs a, they make very good watchdogs, being quick off the mark when it comes to letting their owners know when strangers are about or when something they don’t like is going on in their environment. Pomskys do not need any training when it comes to protecting their families and property, because it is something that comes naturally to the breed.


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